Jose Chameleone Brands Balaam Judas, Tells Him To Stop Calling His Dad – WATCH VIDEO

April 20, 2020

Kampala Lord Mayor hopeful, Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone is not happy with his longtime friend and events promoter, Balaam Barugahara.

It should be remembered that on Easter Sunday, Jose Chameleone was involved in heated verbal exchange with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement officers outside BBS TV regarding the documents for his car, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, registration No. SSD 499B.

On Easter Monday, the tax men stormed his home in Seguku and impounded his car but from the video that leaked on social media, Balaam was over heard on phone asking why Jose Chameleone and Brian White can’t be arrested.

During an interview with Ibrah Mukasa of Wolokoso Extra, Chameleone revealed that the car belongs to his promoter because he has never changed the log book and has documents.

However, from April last year, the car has not been paying tax due to the fact that it got mechanical problems and has been in garage for 8 months. Cars with foreign number plates pay 60-70 USD per month in taxes.

Chameleone branded Balaam Judas by revealing that he tried calling him early morning on Easter Monday to guide him on URA issues and he failed to get him only to hear his voice on phone later in the day asking his boys why he (Chameleone) can’t be arrested.

Chamili says the call exposed Balaam and everyone now knows he is a traitor and advised him to stop calling his dad, Mzee Mayanja.

The ‘Baliwa’ singer disclosed that since that incident, Balaam has never called him.

Jose Chameleone with mzee Mayanja


Watch Video below: