Jose Chameleone Attacks Bebe Cool, Says He is Not Yet At His Level Musically, Blasts Him For Not Taking Advise – WATCH VIDEO

April 24, 2020

Jose Chameleone has opened cold war in quarantine by telling Bebe Cool that he is not yet at his level musically!

While in Galaxy FM studios Chameleone boldly said that the Gagamel Entertainment CEO can’t come close to him musically and stung him for not taking advise.

“I send my greetings to Bebe Cool we helped each other in Nairobi despite hardships but when it comes to music, am still ahead because he can’t handle me”, Jose Chameleone said.

“Bebe Cool is my friend when it comes to family matters but for music, he is still behind me” Chamili added.

When asked about giving Bebe Cool’s son, Hendrick a collabo, Chamili said he wanted to show Bebe Cool that there is nothing wrong pushing someone musically arguing that his son Abba can also do music with Hendrick.

Chameleone said that Bebe Cool has one problem, wants to give him advise but doesn’t want to be advised. “I take advise from Bebe Cool but when i talk to him he doesn’t want to listen”

Chameleone sent greetings to Brian White and the pair have re-united since URA saga. It should be remembered that Brian White rescued Chameleone as URA enforcement officers tried to arrest him while impounding his car on Easter Monday.

Watch video below: