Jose Chameleone Accuses Bebe Cool Of Sabotaging Son, Hendrick’s career, Offers Him A Collabo – WATCH VIDEO

March 14, 2020

Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has accused his nemesis, Bebe Cool for sabotaging his son, Allan Hendrick’s music career and offered him a collabo.

According to the Leone Island Music Empire CEO and Kampala Lord mayor aspirant, Bebe Cool’s collabo is enough to kickstart Hendrick’s career but shocked he hasn’t done anything to push his son.

While appearing at NBS TV ‘After 5’, Chameleone pledged to give Hendrick a collabo.

“Not forgetting, where is Allan Hendrik? We need a collabo of Allan Hendrik and his dad. The collabo will push him to rise in the ranks since his dad is a big pillar in the music industry. If his dad is not willing to avail him with a collabo, he should come to me and I offer him one since I’m also his dad. When he comes we will do a mega collabo that even his dad will admire and fantasize”, Chamili told Douglas at NBS TV.

Chameleone also offered a collabo to Lil Pazzo who he had given a chance to battle Clever J in his place.

“In fact, this Lunabe boy (Lil Pazzo) should also send me his demos and I voice through so that we have a collabo”. 

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