It Was A Stunt? Bruno K And Jalia Walda Fake Social Media War

June 20, 2024

Singer Bruno K real name Bruno Kigundu has been accused of faking a social media war with business lady based in United States Of America (USA) Jalia Walda to promote his song.

The war was started by Jalia on TikTok. She said that they had an agreement of doing a song together but the singer didn’t do a video shoot yet she had paid for all the services with the clothes inclusive.

She called artistes out saying they need to be honest for people to respect them and their work or otherwise they will be disrespected for the rest of their careers.

Bruno K was also quick to respond to her saying that he did what he was supposed to do. He said the he booked for the video shoot but the videographer came late and Jalia had already left.

According to Doreen Kabareebe, Bruno K and Jalia Walda are big stunts makers and now he can’t release a song without making any stunts.

Bruno K Speaks Exposes USA Based Business Lady Jalia Walda After Theft Allegations

“Whoever wrote the  Bruno K and Jalia drama script must be a good writer. Mwebaale kutusiliwaza ba dear. Bruno oli kolayo ddi akayimba nokafulumya with no stunt?,” Doreen Kabareebe posted.

It should be noted that Bruno K is always in the media for all the bad things.