IT’S OVER! Jose Chameleone To Terminate Contract With Events Promoter, Balaam

April 25, 2020

Legendary music star, Jose Chameleone is contemplating ending partnership with events promoter, Balaam Barugahara.

This follows leaked audios where Balaam is overheard tipping off URA enforcement officers to arrest Sipapa over tax evasion.

In the audio, Balaam is overheard telling the URA officials how Sipapa has over 10 cars without number plates, a sign that he doesn’t pay taxes.

In the same audio Balaam says he told Chameleone that he can’t drive a car for two years without number plates and told the tax men that he doesn’t want anybody who thinks he is untouchable.


It should be remembered that on Easter Sunday, URA enforcement officers ambushed Chameleone outside BBS TV and demanded he produces documents for his Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

Chameleone who was rushing to perform live on the Kabaka TV, told the tax men that he had left the documents at home.

On Easter Monday, the tax men stormed Chameleone’s home in Seguku and impounded his car but luckily the ‘Baliwa’ singer escaped.

Balaam was overheard asking his boys who were at the scene to capture the moment of embarrassment that why can’t the tax men arrest Chameleone and Brian White?

After all the impasse, Chameleone accused Balaam of betrayal, said he will honor his contract with the promoter and won’t be renewing.

It is roumoured that Chameleone has only one show remaining on a five year contract.
“I’m done working with Balaam. He has proven to me once again how bad hearted he is. He is a wolf in a sheep’s skin. I swear to God, I won’t work with him again after the last show remaining on my contract with him,” Chameleone vowed.

“Balaam is a rich man, i really don’t know why he wishes others who are trying to be better bad. Wherever he goes, he fights people, even in State House.”