ITS OVER! Sasha Brighton Wins Sweetness Battle As Dorothy And Herbert Shonga Sign Divorce Papers – SEE DOCUMENTS

February 27, 2020

Celebrity couple of Dorothy and Herbert Habib Shonga today signed divorce papers in  in Lilongwe – Malawi Chief Magistrates Court, ending uncertainty in their 15-year old marriage.

In February 2019, Dorothy served Herbert divorce papers accusing him of infidelity disclosing that for 15 years she saw him sleeping with maids and thought he would change but in vain.

She also revealed Herbert is a sex maniac with insatiable sex libido and can’t go two days without having sex.

Dorothy’s words came after Herbert Shonga had abandoned her with kids in Malawi and came to Uganda to settle with singer, Sasha Brighton.

Habib Shonga and Sasha Brighton

Dorothy and Herbert Shonga who wedded in a colourful ceremony in December 2016 in Kampala, Opened up Space Lounge, a nightclub on Kampala road but Habib resorted to dating employees which led to its collapse.

Habib and Dorothy wedded on December 2016

In their marriage, Dorothy was the source of income, she revealed that she made her money while in Zambia but Herbert started splashing it on his lavish life with Kampala babes.

In December 2019, Habib flew back to Malawi and agreed to end marriage after settling with Sasha Brighton.

Today, the pair signed divorce papers and are officially divorced. Herbert and Dorothy have three kids together under the custody of their mum in Malawi.