Bruno K Speaks Exposes USA Based Business Lady Jalia Walda After Theft Allegations

June 17, 2024

Singer Bruno Kigundu also known as Bruno K has exposed United States Of America (USA) based business lady Jalia Walda after the theft allegations.

He said he is not a thief and he didn’t do anything wrong, it is the lady that is in the wrong but doesn’t want to admit anything.

Jalia Walda and Bruno K are friends, they have known each other for years and they have made each other’s friends their friends.

In this case, the most mutual friend of theirs is Faridah Nakazibwe who first became Bruno K’s friends and then later Jalia Walda’s.

Him being an artiste, he agreed to do a song for Jalia Walda to appreciate him and even include all her family members.

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Unfortunately the plan didn’t  go well. The singer said that Jalia Walda didn’t show up for the video shoot even after she paid for everything including the attires for the artiste.

He said that people always blame each other and in this case Jalia Walda acted like a saint yet she knows that she is not perfect and she also get late at some point.

“I don’t understand why someone would come to the media and lie to people about me stealing the video shoot money . Jalia knows the truth, she knows that she was supposed to show up for the video shoot but when the video director delayed she left. It is not my fault, she knows she is not perfect because there are times she was also late,”