Does she trade he sumbie? Robin Kisti speaks about her relationships

August 11, 2023

Faded media personality and Mcee Robin Kisti has spoken aout her relationship after being accused of being Kampala sumbie seller.

She said she has happily been in various relationships which have left her with the best gifts which are children.

Robin Kisti is a mother of 4 children at the age of 37 years. Each of her children has a different father something that has left fans questioning her relationships.

Most Ugandans have concluded that Robin Kisti is a sumbie seller because the self proclaimed seller Bad Black has some similar characters with her.

They all have children with different fathers and they have all been in different relationships for the sake of money.

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According to Robin Kisti, she can’t count the number of men she has slept with her entire life. She said she is 37 and people should expect her to have seen a lot.

She however distanced herself from being a sumbie seller claiming she is a responsbile Mother, there is no way she is going to keep being referred as a prostitute.

“I want all Ugandans especially my fans to know that I am not a sumbie seller. I have been through so many men but that doesn’t justify anyone to call me a Prostitute. I am a mother and a responsbile one,” Robin Kisti