Is It True? Allan Cruz Says Tuff B Is The Best Presenter 

April 12, 2024

Media person and YouTuber Allan Cruz has revealed that there is no best television presenter than NBS television presenter Tuff B.

He said he is talented and professional which is not common when it comes to Uganda’s media industry.

According to Allan Cruz, he has been in the media for some years and he has come across people who are very arrogant, rude and hard to work with.

At the same time he has come across professionals who are very good to work  with and never have a  problem no matter how someone looks like.

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Allan Cruz said in the media, one of the interesting people he has met is Tuff B and he hopes other media personalities can copy him and be as good as he is/

 “There is no presenter better than Tuff B. He is very professional and I don’t think I have ever met someone like him in this industry,” pc.- Allan Cruz