IN TROUBLE! Eddy Kenzo ‘Semyekozo Concert’ In South Africa Hang In The Balance

February 10, 2020

People Power diehards in South Africa are threatening to disrupt Eddy Kenzo’s ‘Semyekozo Concerts’ because of his strong ties with the ruling party, National resistance Movement (NRM).

Kenzo has shows in Durban, Pretoria and Capetown on April 17th, 18th and 19th respectively but the People Power fans have vowed not to allow him sing.

They say he betrayed him by meeting president Museveni who they claim gifted him a Toyota Land cruiser V8.

Kenzo seated on a V8

People Power fans insist they are tired of betrayers and advised him to go and sing for president Museveni in state house.

In December 2019, NRM mobiliser, Catherine Kusasira faced the wrath of People Power fans when they booed her off stage in South Africa.