Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho is adamant he is still improving as a manager.

Mourinho is looking to put together a successful campaign after turning Tottenham’s fortunes around upon his arrival last season when he replaced Mauricio Pochettino.

The ex-Manchester United and Chelsea boss recently received criticism that he has lost his edge but he insists he is only getting better as a manager.

Mourinho said: “First of all, because I’m very young.

“People think I’m very old because I have been at this level since 2002.

“I’m not very old. I’m very young for a football manager. It’s the kind of job where you become better with experience and not worse.

“I am not impulsive any more. I am more in control of my emotions. I think better, decide better.

“I think a coach, the older you get, there’s an accumulation of experience.

“You are not a player. You don’t need your body to work in the same way. You need your brain to be better. I don’t need to sprint. I don’t need to jump. I don’t need to run for 90 minutes.

“I need to think. So a coach gets better and better until the motivation is gone.”