I’m now a whole CEO of my own label – Chozen Blood brags

May 5, 2023

Singer Chozen Blood has come out to brag how he has formed his own record label after several years of singing under other people’s management.

He said he was tired of being signed and some of the people not even full filling the duties of the managers.

Chozen Blood has been in the music industry for so many years but he has never been signed under any famous record label.

He has been talking about being under managements which are not known even the industry. But somehow somewhere, he has always found his way out.

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But for the years he has been moving from one record label to another, he has learnt that he will never be contented unless he has his own.

In this year 2023, Chozen Blood has finally revealed that he has his own record label and he is no longer stagnant, moving from one management to another.

According to Chozen Blood, he is very lucky and he thanks God who has helped him find his way out.

He said he is now a proud Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and he can’t wait to unveil what more he has in store for his fans this year.

“I thank God that I’m past the level of being signed by managements, I’m now a whole CEO of my own label,” Chozen Blood said in an interview with Galaxy FM