Hozambe’s Star Shifrah Dumped After TikTok Viral, Here Is What Boyfriend Told Her

June 12, 2024

There is a video making rounds on tiktok of talented Ugandan upcoming artiste known as Hozambe.

The Hozambe song featured a lady known as Shifrah and people wondered who she was and if she was actually dating the guy that featured her in the video.

According to Shifrah, she is a mother of one child and she was in the relationship before the video was recorded. Her and the boyfriend however never lived with each other.

She said Hozambe was her neighbor and when he called her to feature un the song she didn’t hesitate because she knew it was for fun and it wouldn’t get oosted on TikTok.

Unfortunately when the video went viral, her boyfriend saw it snd that is how the relationship changed. She said that her boyfriend accused her of cheating which wasn’t true.

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Shifrah revealed that she is now a single lady just focusing on raising her son and leaving relationships as thdy have left her heartbroken for so many times.

“I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment because once the hozambe video went viral he dumped me. He said that i was cheating on him which wasn’t true and I had to let go. I am now single focusing on raising my one child, “