How Money Lenders Nabbed And Jailed Showy Don Zella Over Xmas Debt

January 7, 2020

Rumour coming in indicates that showy, Nalongo Sheila Don Zella was arrested on January 3rd and slept in coolers at Jinja Road Police Station over debt!

It is alleged that Don Zella jetted in Uganda with her kids but had no money so she asked her manager, Kibedi Cox to help and borrow 20m from the money lenders.

Kibedi Cox

An insider says Zella lied to immigration that she was coming to Uganda to see her mother who has stage 4 cancer and hoped baby daddy will send her money. Unfortunately, the guy checked social media and saw her partying and jammed to send her money.

Failure to pay in time, the impatient money lenders opened a case at Jinja Road Police; SD RE 48|03|01|2020 and she was nabbed.

Kibedi who had collected money to treat his son, had to intervene and bailed her out with 15m, and Zella looked for 5m.

When Zella stepped in Uganda, she wanted to keep her ‘boss’ status and was all over media houses bragging and abusing Big Eye.

She also incurred heavy bills in partying from Guvnor, Exo Lounge by sipping expensive liquor; Hennessy, Belaire, Black label etc.

Text from the insider who leaked Don Zella’s woes

Check evidence on how Don Zella was plashing dime in hangout spots below: