How Jose Chameleone Staged Successful Dry Gwanga Mujje Concert | Bobi Wine Watches From Facebook

February 25, 2023
Jose Chameleone performing at Cricket Oval

Jose Chameleone performing at Cricket Oval

It was glamour at Cricket Oval – Lugogo last night as legendary Jose Chameleone staged a successful sold out Gwanga Mujje concert.

The concert was supposed to happen on February 10 but the stage collapsed due to heavy winds, hence postponing it to February 14.

As usual the coarse-voiced singer did not disappoint, he put up an energetic performance leaving his fans demanding for more.

Drone shot of Gwanga Mujje Concert

His long term music partner and buddy, Bebe Cool also showed up and thrilled revelers with energetic performance.

National Unity Principal, Bobi Wine did not show up but managed to watch the concert from Facebook Live.

Bobi Wine watches from Facebook Live

Steve Jean and Fenon did not disappoint, they elected a big stage with long runaways, lighting and screens were on international standard.

Gwanga Mujje, organised by Biggie Events had doubts as to whether it was going to be successful. After the stage collapsed, haters jubilated and made claims that the ‘Bayuda’ singer would not even get revelers to fill half of the Cricket Oval.

To their shock, he filled the venue to capacity.

Jose Chameleone

How Jose Chameleone defeated haters and staged a dry concert:

Having watched the first concert canceled, some predicted that rain would disrupt the second one. This month has been hot but on Thursday, rained poured from nowhere and the talk started.

As a clever artists, Jose Chameleone had prepared himself. He visited pastors; Aloysius Bugingo and Wilson Bugembe who pledged to pray for a successful concert.

We have been told that concert organisers hired over 5 rain makers to chase away the rain. Successfully they did a great job, not even a drop.

On Thursday when it started raining, Chameleone appeared at the venue with a magic stick and revealed that everything was in order.

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