How Geosteady Sack Helped Fik Fameica Switch From Being Dancer To A Singer

March 23, 2020

Shafik Walukagga aka Fik Fameica joined the music industry as a dancer!

He was a dancer in Geosteady’s Black Man Records and even featured in MUN*G’s “virgin” video.

If it wasn’t Geosteady, probably Fik would be still a dancer.

According to Fik, his time in the Black Man Record label came to an end after he was fired by Geosteady.

“He fired me after we got a misunderstanding. That is why I left.  We are currently friends,” Fik Fameica disclosed during an interview.

After firing him, Fik ran to producer, Martin Musoke aka Artin Pro in 2016  who helped him breakthrough with the song Pistol, the rest is now history.