How Don Zella Tried To Bed The Late Don Ivan, Diamond Platnumz And Miserably Failed

January 28, 2020

Boston based-Sarajoy Bakanansa revealed that her nemesis, Nalongo Sheila Don Zella failed miserably in her pursuit to bed the late Don Ivan and Diamond Platnumz.

Bakanansa says during Don Zella-Zari bitter feud years, Big Eye’s ex-lover, tried as much as possible to bed Don Ivan and Diamond Platnumz but her moves hit a dead end.

Bakanansa Sarajoy

In a leaked social media exchange between Bakanansa and Don Zella, the former says Don Zella wanted to bed Don Ivan and the late refused.

She also claims Don Zella started sending direct messages to Diamond Platnumz but the Bongo Flava singer ignored her.


Zari with the late Don Ivan
Zari with Diamond Platnumz

In efforts to get Diamond’s phone number, Bakanansa says Don Zella befriended Hamisa Mobetto but miserably failed.

Don Zella recently fell out with her manager, Kibedi Cox after jetting in for festive season broke and convinced him to borrow 30m to show off and failed to pay.

Bakanansa’s post bashing Don Zella