Hon. Kato Lubwama Drops Massive Tune ‘Tulye’, Hits Studios Again To Release ‘Tetunakuta’ | VIDEO

September 25, 2020

Rubaga South MP, Kato Lubwama has released a song titled ‘Tulye’ ahead of 2021 general elections.

Before Lubwama came to parliament, he told Rubaga South voters to send to parliament to eat claiming he has few years left on this planet.

And he made that a slogan during the 2016 election campaigns. And Lubwama was honest, most MPs go to parliament to eat and enrich themselves.

The ‘Dimintria’ hitmaker says he has observed everyone in this country is here to eat.

Kato Lubwana practicing boxing lessons in a gym

The comedian, actor and singer says he made a deal with Rubaga people to eat and they know he has to be in parliament for a long term for them to benefit.

“It is a very beautiful song, everyone in the country is looking for something to eat. If someone is doing something where they are not getting some money to benefit themselves, they would abandon it,” he said.

“I am certain the people of Rubaga will want me to have so many terms, because they are aware that leadership needs to be long term, short stints in leadership do not bring them enough benefits. So I will be in Rubaga until another person comes to eat,” he said.

After releasing ‘Tulye’, Kato Lubwama is in studios recording ‘Tetunakuta’ and has promised to work on another jam, ‘Biwooma’.

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