Here is what Karole Kasita has to say about her relationships with Feffe Bussi

November 4, 2023

Feffe Bussi, Karole Kasita

Singer Karole Kasita has got something to talk about her relationship with fellow singer and rapper Feffe Bussi.

She said they are just friends and nothing more to that although there has been a rumour for so long tagging her to the singer.

Karole Kasita is a mother of one but when she was pregnant, she was seen more often hanging out with Feffe Bussi.

Even before the pregnancy, these two were very close to the extent of someone releasing their videos flirting with each other.

After giving birth, Karole Kasita’s ex manager Joram spilled all the secrets saying it is true Karole Kasita was dating Feffe Bussi.

But unfortunately, he is not the father of her child and that kind of annoyed him because he had invested most of his time in her.

Although Feffe Bussi kept supporting and being close to Karole Kasita, she has refuted dating claims.

Feffe Bussi not to give up on his relationship with Karole Kasita, calls her goddess

According to Karole Kasita, she is aware of everything being said but she knows the truth between her and Feffe Bussi.

She said other people are right to think whatever they want to think but the truth is that they are just friends.

“I’m also aware of people’s claims about me and Feffe Bussi, but the truth is, we’re just friends,” – Karole Kasita said