Hellen Lukoma on why she is no longer working hard

May 4, 2023

Faded singer and actress Hellen Lukoma has bragged about driving a Range Rover.

She said she doesn’t need to die working yet she has most of the things already that people work hard for to have.

Hellen Lukoma was gifted a Range Rover by her husband on her last birthday. She was over the moon saying she didn’t expect anything like that.

The singer got married to a very rich business man. Her life changed after marriage because she stopped concertrating on acting and singing.

Her focus was now on her marriage and in just a period of three years after marriage, she already had two children.

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That is something rare in musicians because they fear giving birth claiming that their bodies will not get back in shape yet they need to get back on stage to perform.

But for Hellen Lukoma, she has nothing to lose after all she has everything other artistes are struggling for while performing.

She said she is not going to suffer working here and their. She is already driving a Range Rover and those working will find her their.

“Nze nvuga Range Rover,abakola bakole bajja kunsanga” Hellen Lukoma

It should be noted that Hellen Lukoma is now more in business. Last year she showed off finished apartments where she is getting money to sustain herself.