Hellen Lukoma offers to help Kataleya and Kandle

January 31, 2024

Kataleya and Kandle,

Singer Hellen Lukoma has offered to help Kataleya and Kandle after their management drama.

Hellen Lukoma and the duo Kataleya and Kandle used to have beef because of the statements they made about her calling her outdated.

She also lashed out to them but later apologized and said she was sorry because of the statements she has made in response.

Now that Kataleya and Kandle are having issues, she has said she understands because she has been in that same situation.

She said she is willing to offer any help she has so that the singers can get back together and do what they have been doing for some time.

According to Hellen Lukoma, female musicians go through a lot and they need extra help that they don’t usually find.

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She said she is going to talk to them and here where the problem is coming from and how they will work to solve it.

“I am going to help Kataleya and Kandle in whatever they are going through and I hope they over come it and keep going on like they have been doing,” Hellen Lukoma said