HE IS GONE! People Power And Bobi Wine’s Righthand Man, Ashburg Katto Finally Meets President Museveni – SEE PICTURES

May 19, 2020

L-R: Ashburg Katto, president Museveni, Ray Supasta; Behind is Balaam

What started as a rumour is turning into reality and as we speak, People Power diehard and Bobi Wine’s righthand man,Ashburg Katto is in final stages to cross from People Power to NRM, courtesy of events promoter, Balaam Barugahara.

At the banning of May, we broke a story how Ashburg Katto had agreed to meet NRM bosses secretly and named his price; 1.5m as meeting fee, 250k for fuel, meeting bonus and allowance 250k and insisted no photos, videos and live feeds.

We can’t tell whether the meeting took place but for the fact, he took to social media and pleaded to NRM diehard, Balaam Barugahara to bail the bloggers with posho which the events promoter did.

Ashburg Katto received the posho and a parcel on behalf of the bloggers.  To confirm the donation, Ashburg posted on his Facebook page a message appreciating the first Son, Lt. Gen Muhoozi for donating food to all the bloggers in Uganda.

Ashurg who is known among the people who started People Power, received a lot of criticism and some pressure group members accused him of betraying Bobi Wine and branded him a traitor.

Today, a photo of himself, his brother, Ray Supasta, Balaam Barugahara with president Museveni at his farm in Kisozi-Gomba leaked online.

L-R: Ashburg Katto, president Museveni, Ray Supasta; Behind is Balaam

Before People Power appointed the spokesperson, Joel Senyonyi, Ashburg Katto used to move with Bobi Wine and acted as the mouth piece of the pressure group but a lot of people started complaining to the Kyadondo East legislator over his behaviour and was ditched. Since then, he has been targeting pro NRM and people who criticize Bobi Wine by abusing them on social media.