Hassan Ndugga Threatens To Quit NRM And Go Back To People Power Because Of Bebe Cool – WATCH VIDEO

January 30, 2020

‘Kadongo Kamu’ singer, Hassan Ndugga is threatening to quit NRN and go back to People Power because of Bebe Cool.

Ndugga who defected from People Power to the ruling party, NRM is now cursing after he was called for the recent concluded NRM delegates conference at Namboole and left with no coin.

Bebe Cool


Ndugga while still in People Power

Ndugga said he called Bebe Cool asking for money But the Gagamel CEO told him to call whoever put him on the list. Ndugga appeared on the list of artistes that were invited to Namboole.

Ndugga alleges that Bebe Cool received 37m meant to pay artistes and disappeared.

He says people like Bebe Cool will force the well wishers to go back and if president Museveni feels they are wanted, he will intervene.

Click on the link to watch the video: https://web.facebook.com/kakensamedia/videos/608376690001808/