Harmonize’s Ex-Wife, Sarah Embarrassed By New Lover As She Attempts To Kiss Him | VIDEO

June 30, 2021
Harmonize's ex-wife, Sarah Michelotti with new lover

Harmonize's ex-wife, Sarah Michelotti with new lover

Harmonize must have hurt Sarah Michelloti who still hangs on hoping that her Bongo husband comes back to his senses.

From what fans say is that Sarah Michelloti is still in denial after Harmonize walked out on her; moving on with actress Kajala – but unfortunately this did not last for long either.

Having parted ways close to a year now, Ms Sarah has been leaving obvious hints about her struggle to move on; and the latest video  has confirmed that Sarah Michelloti is only posting her new man to make ex husband and fans believe that she moved on.

Harmonize with ex-wife, Sarah Mitchelotti

As seen on the video Sarah Michelloti leans in for a kiss from her Caucasia boyfriend; who on the other hand appears uninterested and uncomfortable at the fact that someone else was recording the ‘kiss.’ Woooi!

Indeed, it must feel horrible knowing that her love for new boyfriend is only temporary as her heart belongs to Harmonize; who in return has not only embarrassed but has left her acting like a crazy person.

Seeing that she hasn’t deleted photos from her wedding with Harmonize; proved that she still hangs on to some memories making it hard for her to move on.

For this reason, fans have asked Harmonize to reconcile with his lovely wife; hoping that this move will also save his career – now that many people rarely listen to his music. But wait, isn’t he working with Trio Mio on a new project?

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