Hamisa Mobetto Claims Diamond Lied About Giving Her Permission To Work With Ali Kiba

April 30, 2020

Hamisa Mobetto and Ali Kiba left netizens talking after the singer featured her in his music video ‘Dodo.’

Hamisa is Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama and he and Ali Kiba have been music rivals for a long time.

But in a recent interview, Diamond said that before Hamisa worked with Kiba in that video, she called him to notify him and he gave her a go-ahead.

Hamisa Mobetto with Alikiba in a video

“Alikiba has the right to work with whoever he feels like, so does Hamisa, Before they went to shoot, Hamisa told me that she was working with Alikiba. She gave me heads up so that i would be prepared with anything that people on social media would say”, Diamond said in an interview.

This week a die-hard fan of Hamisa informed fans that she was not going to post Hamisa’s updates till Ramadhan is over. But on the comment section, Hamisa trolled Diamond asking,

“Mimi kama Shabiki wenu, wewe na dada yako Hamisa, Ningependa kujua kama ni kweli mmeomba ruhusa. (As a fan of Hamisa, i want to know if its true that Hamisa asked for permission?)”

This has been received by many fans as a way to insinuate that Hamisa didn’t ask for Diamond’s permission. So did Diamond Platnumz’s lie?

Well, it won’t be the first time.

Diamond once lied on national radio saying that Hamisa is not pregnant with his child and that she should tell the public who fathered her child.

“Tangia nimeshoot video ya Salome yametokea mambo mingi kwamba mimi natoka na Hamisa lakini hizo zote ni uongo. Nilimwanbia Zari ajue kwamba hizo zote ni stori za uongo na mimesikia kwamba ni mjamzito na badda ya video ilibidi nikae naye mbali. Hana ujauzito wangu na sijaikua na mahusiano naye. Sijaikua na ujauzito naye maskini wa mungu. Bwana naye ajitokeze aseme mwenye nimba!”, te told clouds FM.

After refusing the pregnancy, Hamisa got the singer where it hurts most, she shared photos of herself and Diamond in bed to prove to the world that they indeed slept together.

After the birth of the baby, Diamond went to the same radio station Clouds FM, to change his words admitting that the baby is his:

“Hamisa alipopata ujauzito. Nilimuambia mimi mwenye familia yangu! Inabidi jambo hili libaki kati yangu mimi na wewe. Sikupenda huikana minba, ni damu yangu na kila siku iendayo kwa mbu nilikuwa nampatia matumizi”