Ham Kiggundu Shows Off All His Happy Three Wives And Children (Photos)

April 13, 2024

Kampala business man and the richest person in Uganda has showed off all his happy three wives and their children.

He posted about them on social media saying he is thankful to Allah for having a beautiful family.

“Thank you Allah for blessing me with such a beautiful family Alhamudulillah……For God and My Country” – Hamis Kiggundu posted on his X account when he put up his family pictures. 

Hamis Kiggundu is a well-known and a full Hajji. A few days after Eid, Hamis posted different portraits of his theee wives, each with him and their children.

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This post trended mainly because of the uncontentious beauty of all the wives. Different social media platforms were filled with admiration on the part of Hamis.

One of Hamis’ followers posted on X

“…Congrats Ham, this is real manhood. Happy life with your family..” 

Men vowed to make money so that they could afford such beautiful women. 

The argument between dark skins and brown skins saw the “the pro brown thighs” stamping their re Affirmations that brown skinned women are more beautiful than dark skinned.

However, be as it may, as long as his religion- Islam allows him to have more than one wife and as we all know that Hamis can afford them ( a prerequisite to taking on more than one wife) then all we can say is all the best Hajji.