Grenade Official Gives Up On Drugs, Commits Life To God

July 11, 2024

Famous and controversial musician Grenade Official has revealed that he has given up on taking drugs and alcohol in his life.

He said he committed his life to God and he is on the new journey of teaching about him and spreading his word to the others.

Grenade has been in the industry for some time. He is very lucky that he gets off and bounces all the time. His fans are always ready for him and the new songs.

His biggest problem has been alcohol and drugs. There is a time he appeared very drunk and high while detained at the police station.

According to Grenade he doesn’t want to lie to his fans because he has been struggling with drugs and alcohol.

Grenade Official Speaks About His Experience in Rehab At UNMF

But with advise and help from fellow musicians he got a chance to listen to them and learn so much when it comes to discipline.

“I am no longer taking alcohol, I have learnt so much from my close friends and fellow musicians. I am officially giving my life to God and my next step is to serve him. No more drugs and alcohol in my life,” Grenade said