Gossip Queen, Tina Fierce Gets Married In US

September 2, 2022
Tina Fierce with hubby, Tano Teka

Tina Fierce with hubby, Tano Teka

Former Urban TV gossip queen and YouTuber, Christine karungi aka Tina Fierce is off the shelf after getting married to long term lover, Tano Teka in the US.

Tina who used to blast celebrities on her show ‘Sqoop on Sqoop’ on Urban TV, lost her job in June 2020 after Sheilah Gashumba and her then boyfriend, God’s Plan threatened Vision Group with 400m lawsuit. Sheila and God’s plan accused Tina of defamatory statements.

Tina also found herself in trouble after she accused by then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kutesa of favoritism.

During Covid-19 lockdown, Kutesa allowed Mr. Ben Kavuya to repatriate members of his family into the country when others were not be allowed to return home.

Waiting to be called back on the show in vain, Tina started a YouTube channel but things were not moving well.

She connected with Tano Teka and travelled to the US. To secure papers fast, the pair wedded but kept it as a secret. But finally, she let the cat out of the bag with a tweet confirming she changed her second name and added Tano.

Tina Fierce with Tano

Changing my last name legally has slapped different! from MISS to MRS #Goddid! #MrsTano

Tina Fierce tweeted.

Now that she is married, we can say Tina Fierce has survived Uganda’s economy.

We wish her the best.