Gay Community Issues Statement On Comedian, Afande Kerekere, Unveils Him Officially

February 7, 2020

United Kingdom based African gay association issued a statement confirming George Mulindwa a.k.a Afande Kerekere as gay and warned Ugandans against discriminating him.

Many Ugandans and his fans were shocked to see Kerekere on Out & Proud Africa LGBTI Facebook page and some started throwing abuses at him.

Today,  the London based gay group, Out & Proud Africa LGBTI has confirmed that Kerekere is one of them and insist no one will stop them.

“Loads of Ugandan social media bloggers have come out to castigate our friend Afande Kerekere. Directing homophobic slurs towards him, and some are wishing him dead.
Many are blatantly lying that he spoke to them about his sexuality. This Saturday 8th Feb, in London West End, Afande Kere Kere shall shine a light on who he is, and why he is in London and indeed refutes the porkies on the social media. Join us and hear from the man himself,” the statement reads.

Click on the link to watch video:

“We are the Children of the rainbow flag, we are Kuchus around and proud, no one is going to stop us, we are here to stay, we are moving forward!!! #Weexist #nigeria #uganda #england,” the statement concludes.

For the past few years the list of gay Ugandans has been growing and activists estimated in 2007 that the Ugandan LGBT community consisted of 500,000 both male and females.

Homosexual is criminal and punishable by imprisonment in Uganda.

Check other pictures of Afande Kerekere below:

Kerekere wearing T-shirt supporting gays