Full Figure In Trouble, Kadamas demands Apology Or She Faces The Law

June 8, 2022
Full Figure

Full Figure

Rights For Maids, an association that fights for the rights of maids demand an apology from Full Figure of she faces the law.

Presidential Advisor on Youth Affairs, Jennifer Nakangubi aka Jennifer Full Figure over the years has been bashing the Kadamas (maids in Arab countries) and the Rights For Maids say it has had enough.

In an art work accessed by Routine Blast, Rights For Maids are calling a press conference scheduled to take place today at 2pm on Salaama Road along Luwafu Road with a theme ‘Kadama Lives Matter’.

Rights for maids calling a press conference

Despite abusing and attacking personalities over the years, Full Figure shamelessly arrested abusive TikToker, Dr. Cephco and the court remanded him to Kitalya for 5-days.

Dr. Cephco was remanded to Kitalya

Yesterday, a group of bloggers, Tiktokers and NBS TV gossipmonger, Isaac Kawaalya aka Kayz publicly apologised to Full Figure in the presence of Mama Fina in bid to survive jail.

She declared that she is going to hunt each person abusing her and gets him/her arrested.

However, her actions have been bashed by netizens who claim she has no audacity to arrest abusers yet she is known for foul-mouth.

Rights For Maids Association Uganda have hit back and demands she apologises to maids she has been continuously abusing or face the music.

Apart from Dr. Cephco, the self proclaimed general says she is going to arrest impersonators who are tarnishing her name. As we speak, Tiktoker, MC Chumi who claims she is a daughter to Full figure is in hiding.

Simple K (L), Full Figure (R)

On Monday, June 6, upcoming artist, Kiggundu Fred aka Simple K who claims he is the dad to Full Figure’s young child, Museveni Kairos Pearl was arrested pending prosecution.

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