Full Figure Fuming After Mbarara Youth Deface And Remove Her Poster From Their City

October 13, 2020

Special presidential advisor, Jennifer Nakanguubi aka Jennifer Full Figure is still fuming after a group of Youth in Mbarara defaced and removed her poster with president Museveni from their heart of the city yesterday.

Full Figure who is known for campaigning strongly for the re-election of president Museveni, forked out her hard earned dimes and printed a big poster showing her support to the president only to be vandalized by the Mbarara youth.

The youth in Mbarara questioned what Full Figure’s poster was doing in their city, insisting they can’t accept a primary two (P.2) drop out presidential advisor before defacing and removing the big poster from the famous roundabout known as ‘Ahamahembe Gente’.

A group of Mbarara Youth removing Full Figure’s poster after defacing it

After the despicable act, Full Figure took to her Facebook page and accused the Mbarara Youth of tribalism and rebuked them that NRM does not belong to one tribe.

She said their act didn’t affect her but shamed the party chairman.

Full Figure reminded Mbarara youth that being a school drop out doesn’t mean anything because she is doing what others have failed to do.

I want to take this opportunity to tell a group of some boys and girls in Mbarara who call themselves NRM members but think the party belongs to one tribe ekyo ki kyamu.

Wat you have done doesnt ashame me. Nze bampita Full Figure but you have ashamed the party Chairman who is of your origin and a resident of your area.

The problem is not Full Figure being illiterate as you claimed in the video that you don’t need P2 drop out Advisor in your area but instead it is this woman you claim to be illiterate doing things you didnt expect from her as many thought muzei had made a wrong move.

Stupidly your promoting tribalism. Few days back I saw the bullying you made against Mr Mbuga on social media when he came to Mbarara for business but that wasn’t funny at all.

Eno ensi yaffe fena nga bana Uganda educated or not be it Muganda , Musoga , Munyankole , Acholi Lango Iteso etc ffena tuli bana Uganda.
I say no to tribalism let’s promote love  and unity kulwa Katonda nensi yange.

National Resistance Movement – NRM