FUFA To Cut Uganda Premier League Clubs From 16 To 12 And Introduce U20 Reserve League

March 27, 2020

Effective 2021/22 season, The Uganda Premier League will consist of 12 clubs and each will have an U20 team for the reserve league, according to FUFA.

The proposed changes will not only affect the top tier league but also the second division, which is the FUFA Big League.

If approved, the major changes will include the reduction in the number of clubs in the UPL from 16 to 12 from 2021.

This means six teams will be relegated at the end of the 2020/2021 season and only two will be promoted.

In the 12 team season, three rounds will be played with the team having the better aggregate after the first and second round hosting the third game.

All clubs will also be required to participate in the U20 reserve league which will have 12 clubs, it’s believed the reserve league will be the feeder side for the league teams.

The FUFA Junior League will now be played at the regional level, with each league having not more than 12 teams tough a region will be allowed to have more than one Junior League.

The Uganda Premier League secretariat and the board will also see massive changes with the introduction of the Professional League Board and Professional League secretariat as replacements.

The latter will also oversee the League, U20 reserve league and First Division but still under the supervision of FUFA.

The proposals were based on wide consultations with first and second Division clubs, UPL, Sponsors, FUFA Regional Football Associations and the general public.

And they were approved by the 22nd FUFA executive committee in a bid to reform professional club football in Uganda.

FUFA has also asked for feedback from the general public, it remains to be seen which reaction the public will have on the new changes.