Frank Gashumba On What Jose Chameleone Needs To Do To Show He Is The Biggest Artiste In East Africa

July 2, 2024

Political, social and economic analyst Frank Gashumba has revealed what singer Jose Chameleone needs to do to show he is the biggest artiste in East Africa.

He said that he is already big but some people don’t know and they need to understand that he is a legendary.

Jose Chameleone has been in the music industry for more than 25 years. He has kept his momentum for all those years and has even competed with the young musicians.

Still he is among the best musicians in that he is even gets trending songs despite being described as old school.

According to Frank Gashumba, talent is talent and people need to understand that Jose Chameleone is really talented.

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He said that he is already a legendary musician, the only thing he is missing is a a legit management to put him to another level.

“Jose Chameleone is one of the most talented artistes in Uganda. In fact he is the best in East Africa. The only thing he is missing is a professional management to put him to the next level. We all know he is better then Diamond Platnumz,”’