Frank Gashumba In Trouble For Posting A Married Woman As His New Bae

July 19, 2020

Yesterday, ‘Sisimuka’ CEO, Frank Gashumba woke up in the mood of teasing Ugandans by posting body parts of unknown woman.

He first posted hands and later a picture with a caption “Ekyingela kya Allah”



It was later discovered that the woman Gashumba was posting is from Rwanda called ‘Rwanda Angelle Sabrina’ (Facebook names) and even married.

As Ugandans went on to congratulate Gashumba for having won himself a babe to save him from the bachelorhood, Angelle took to Facebook and asked what the hell was going on after she was told that motor mouthed critic had posted her picture.

“Can somebody please explain me what in holy hell going on???……kwanza Mr Gashumba reply my messages😠😠😠 ⚠️:Please Share🙏🏿”, Angelle publicly posted after trying to reach Gashumba in DMs but in vain.



For close to 17 years, Frank Gashumba has been single after partying ways with Sheilah’s mum. He lives with his beloved dog in a big mansion in Buziga.

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Several Ugandans have been asking Gashumba to get himself a babe to save him from cold nights but in vain.

In February, Sheilah was excited and demanded to meet the mystery babe who delivered flowers and wine to Frank Gashumba’s office on Valentine day but never got a chance to know her.