Fr Lokodo To Summon Pr Bugingo Over ‘Marriage’ Comments, Threatens To Squeeze him Out Of Church

January 16, 2020
Ethics and Integrity Minister Fr Simon Lokodo has threatened to summon Pastor Aloysius Bugingo for misleading the flock.
Pr Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries International recently made controversial statement saying the marriage vows of ‘until death do us part’ made in the church are not anywhere in the Holy Bible.
This angered minster Lokodo who says he will call the religious council to look into the matter.
Fr Simon Lokodo

“I am going to call the inter-religious council and ask why they allow someone to pause in the attire of a missionary or a pastor when actually that pastor is destroying the sheep. You must be able to regulate yourselves as religious leaders,” Fr Lokodo said.

Lokodo says Bugingo is green about the teachings of the bible by airing out such statements.
“For my brother, Pastor Bujjingo who said marriage is something that can be entered in and broken at will is totally uninformed and I am here to train him. In the gospel of Matthew and Luk, it is very clear that the institution of marriage is an establishment that is supposed to be perpetual,” Fr Lokodo said.

He added that he would personally summon him for misleading his flock.

“As someone in charge of ensuring that the citizens of this country are not taken into ridicule, I will summon him and if he doesn’t correspond, we have every reason to say he is not allowed to run a church because he is only misleading the citizens.”