Former Obsessions Singer, Sharon O Threatens To Leave Baby Daddy, Ronnie Mulindwa

February 19, 2020

Former Big Brother finalist and Obsession singer Sharon O is threatening to do a Rema and leave baby daddy, Ronnie Mulindwa if he doesn’t put a ring on her finger.

Ronnie and Sharon O have been dating close to 20 years and the pair have a son together but signs of a wedding.

Sharon O and Ronnie with their son

In an interview, Sharon O said she will do what Rema did to Kenzo.

“I will walk away and find a man who is willing to marry her,” she threatened Mulindwa.

Sharon O and Ronnie’s relationship has been on and off and at one point, the former Obsessions queen left him and moved in with a South African-based Ugandan guy.

Sharon O says she is tired of producing and plans on getting another baby  through a surrogate.