Former Masavu FC Proprietor Arrested In Mobile Money Scam

January 22, 2020

Police in Bweyogerere have arrested a notorious mobile money fraudster.
He is a proprietor of former MASAVU Football Club Entebbe.
He operates all over Kampala Metropolitan area along Entebbe Road, Wakiso, Kira, Nansana and other areas.
He has a flat at Garuga, Stella Najjanankumbi, kitubulu and Namusera.
He swaps phones and steals agent lines with floats and withdraws it.
How he does it? is that, he goes to a mobile shop, he pretends to be sending money but he gives a wrong none existing number. So the agent phone will not send money. It will instead show a message that” this number can not receive money”.
At this time he tells a mobile money agent to continue trying as he masters his/her pin code.
After that he tells the agent that he needs to go to the vehicle and pick another number.
When he goes to the car, he picks a phone out of the car exactly of similar make like that of an agent where he is transacting from.
He comes with another fake number and tells the agent to try that one. Again it brings a default message.
At this point he tells the agent to give him a phone and he dials it himself.
When he gets the agent’s phone, he swaps with the similar phone he is holding and he disappears.
He was arrested in BWEYOGERERE after doing the same fraud and upon searching his brand new car, 51 phones some of which he had swapped from else where and lines were recovered .
Many people have been victims.
We have references from Najjanankumbi, Kajjansi and others.

Exhibits paraded by police: