Forget About Pretty Nicole! Another TikToker Milk Bae Blesses Fans With Juicy Video

June 17, 2024

There is an alleged trending juicy  video on social media of a talented Ugandan TikToker Milk Bae.

It is said that the video is one of the best videos that have been released by people on social media.

In Uganda, there has been constant releasing of videos. Some videos are said to be released by the people themselves while the others are released by ex lovers that are very angry.

For Milk Bae, he has been doing so well on her TikTok and now everything is thrown to the ground because of the trending video.

According to Bad Black, she has watched the video herself and she said the lady looks so good and she was naturally gifted.

Pretty Nicole’s mother Cries over daughter’s trending videos

She advised her to use her assets accordingly when she is still young because the body will keep changing every time she grows up.


It is not clear wether the video is actually their or if social media are just using her name to make her look bad.