Finally Bebe Cool Recognizes Spice Diana, Accepts To Give Her A Collabo

January 24, 2020

It’s on record that Moses Sali a.k.a Bebe Cool publicly said he refused to give Namukwaya Hajjara Diana alias Spice Diana a collabo and told her to work harder.

Now the Gagamel Entertainment CEO feels Spice Diana deserves a collabo after filing Freedom City to capacity at the concluded ‘Spice Diana Live Concert’ on January 17th.  The show was sold out by 6pm.

At her subsequent show in Mukono, Bebe Cool was among the performers and appreciated Spice’s efforts after witnessing a filled up Collins Hotel.

Bebe Cool told her they can now work on a song together. “You are now a good singer. I think we can now do a song together,”  Bebe Cool told excited Spice Diana.