Fille trashes MC Kats’ wedding ceremony, say they are just friends

October 5, 2023
MC kats and Fille

MC kats and Fille

Singer Fille Mutoni looks not to be on the same page with her baby daddy and boyfriend media personality Katamba Edwin aka MC Kats.

Kats and Fille have been together on and off for more than 10 years. They have an eight years old daughter they co-parent.

Throughout their relationship, MC Kats has cheated and dated different women in the public.

He usually ends up with Fille all the time and recently he was saying that he is ready for the wedding if it is all Fille wants.

According to MC Kats, Fille is the love of his life. Everywhere he goes he remembers all the bad and good things they have been through as a couple.

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Being her talent manager too, there is no way Fille breaks herself from MC Kats.

But when it came to the wedding allegations, Fille is not taking them seriously. She said she doesn’t know anything about it.

According to Fille, they are just friends nothing more. They co-parent their daughter so well and she doesn’t see the reason for the wedding. last

Fille said they are so much into music and they are doing all it takes to keep giving their fans the best they can.

“Me and MC Kats are just friends and we are good at co-parenting. We don’t have anything that should lead us into a wedding I actually don’t know any wedding preparations,” Fille said