Fik Gazaa Reveals Why He Was Denied Canadian Visa After Fight With Kalifah Aganaga

July 3, 2024

Upcoming singer Fik Gazaa has revealed reasons why he was denied a Canadian Visa after getting involved in a fight with fellow singer Kalifah Aganaga.

He said that Aganaga was actually not the reason for the denial of his visa, there are other things that didn’t go right in the process and that is the problem.

When the two artistes were involved in the fight, Aganaga refused to fight. He said that he has his own ways of paying and he knows they will work for him.

He even started bragging that the singer will have to go through so much in order to move out of the country and that is why he knew that getting a visa was harder than what he thought.

According to Fik Gazaa, he didn’t have the proper bank statement to go through with the visa.

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He said that his management tried everything they could but it was to late but hopefully next try they will secure it and he will be able to have some time with his fans abroad.

“Yes it is true I was denied a visa but not because of Kalifah Aganaga. I actually didn’t fight him it is my friend that fought him. The reason for the visa denial is because I didn’t have proper bank statements,”