Fik Gazaa Reveals Shocking Reasons Why He Thumped Kalifah Aganaga

June 6, 2024

Singer Fik Gazaa has revealed shocking reasons why he decided to thump fellow singer Kalifah Aganaga like a chicken thief.

He said  they have been grounds and they are still friends but sometimes he is too much for him to handle.

Fik Gazaa is one of the upcoming artistes with the trend of moving with a group of boys that are known as his security ‘egaali’.

They are always ready to jump in and fight for him in case someone tries to disturb him while in public.

Kalifah Aganaga is one of the people that tried to say something about him and his boys. They didn’t wait, they had already slapped him even before he finished the sentence.

Kalifah Aganaga Beaten Like Chicken Thief By Fik Gazaa’s ‘Gaali’

Having moved alone, he didn’t fight back and neither did he say anything back to them after the slap.

According to Fik Gazaa, Kalifah Aganaga knew that he was in a mistake. He said they warned him multiple times not to just say anything that he knows will put him into danger but he didn’t listen.

The singer said he learnt his lesson and he knows he will never disturb him ever again when it comes to music.

“Kalifah Aganaga knows the truth. He knows why he was beaten by my boys and I know he is not going to repeat that mistake again. Aganaga speaks a lot but I know he is going to reduce on what he says,” Fik Gazaa said