FDC Party Vice Chairman, Hon. Salaamu Musumba Poisoned

February 8, 2020

Forum For democratic Change (FDC) have confirmed their party Vice Chairperson, Salaamu Musumba was is battling with poison.

Salaamu Musumba has been losing hair due to poison and confirmed that she is receiving expensive treatment abroad.

Hon. Salaamu Musumba before poison

Read FDC’s statement below:

Slow poisoning of our leaders in the Political struggle to liberate Uganda has had great personal costs.

Party Vice Chairman, Hon. Salaamu Musumba is battling to survive the junta poison that has led to loss of her hair & expensive treatment abroad.

The World has watched her on NBS TV Frontline program every Thursday evening steadily losing her hair, Hon. Salaamu Musumba confirmed she had been poisoned.

Forum For democratic Change has lost many of her Party Members to Political terror including Poison.

Uganda needs liberation before its late.

One Uganda One People.