EXCLUSIVE: Clever J Reveals Why He Quit Jose Chameleone’s Camp, Discloses Who Helped Him Drop ‘Manzi Wanani’ Hit

January 9, 2020

George Muwonge a.k.a Clever J has revealed why he quit Dr Jose Chameleone’s camp!

Clever J who is a cousin to Chameleone and grew up together, took revelers by storm when he dropped ‘Manzi Wanani’ hit song in 2006.

But, releasing the song wasn’t easy if it wasn’t the Late AK47’s effort. Clever J confessed that the late AK47, brought him the base line track sample he had stolen from Chameleone’s studio and wanted to start singing.  Upon landing on it, Clever J used it to produce ‘Manzi Wanani’ song which became a hit.


Clever J performing


Jose Chameleone

Clever J says he had asked Chameleone to help him produce the song but the Kampala Lord Mayor aspirant asked him to cough 300k which he couldn’t raise at that time.

He also revealed that he decided to quit Chameleone’s camp the day, ‘Basiima Ogenze’ hitmaker refused him to perform at Leone Island Vs Fire Base Crew Show at Imperial resort beach.

Clever J says he was involved in preparations but when time reached to step on stage, Chameleone told him, it was his show and the performances were done.

Since that day, he decided not to ever step a foot in Jose Chameleone’s yard.

Clever J now stays in Kataluko village after Buloba where he is making bricks and building a studio.

He plans to hold a concert at Cricket Oval, Lugogo.