EEEH! Geosteady Angered By Music Critic Eddie Ssendi, Labels Him ‘Stupid Old Man’

December 31, 2019

George Kigozi a.k.a Geosteady Blackman has labelled Bembe FM ‘Talk & Talk’ show co-host, Eddie Ssendi ‘Stupid Old Man’!

Ssendi together with his co-hosts, Kasuku and Jenkins Mukasa are well known for trashing artistes during their heated talk show but this time he landed into Geosteady’s jaws.

Basing on Geosteady’s social media accounts, Ssendi asked Geosteady to play live band instead of performing on CD. When the ‘Owooma’ singer refused, Ssendi labeled him as an ‘ill-mannered’ artist.

L-R: Jenkins Mukasa, Kasuku, Eddie Ssendi

“So Eddie Sendi says I’m ill mannered asking to play live band instead of a digital performance. Some people should learn the music business I’m ain’t anybody’s father!! Stupid old man” Geosteady posted on his social media accounts.

Geosteady angrily retaliated requesting people to learn the music business. He also boldly and unapologetically told them how he isn’t anyone’s father in the business.