EEEH! Clever J Demands Music Battle With Jose Chameleone, Days After Re-Union

February 9, 2020

Clever J with Jose Chameleone at Comedy Store recently

Gerad Muwonge a.k.a Clever J is demanding for a music battle with legendary Jose Chameleone days after the pair re-united after 10 years of feud.

Clever J had last met Jose Chameleone in 2009.

Last Thursday, Jose chameleone who was not on the performers list, disguised as fan, stepped on stage, tipped Clever J with cash and saluted him.

Chameleone tipping Clever J

As Chameleone was about to leave the stage, he put off his cap and to Clever J’s surprise, he saw his long time friend and brother whom he hadn’t seen in over 10 years ago.

They hugged and Clever J revealed that people were telling him that Jose Chameleone bewitched him and thats the reason why he was struggling.

As Chameleone was leaving the stage, revelers started chanting ‘collabo’.

Interestingly, during a phone call interview with Radio Simba, Clever J stressed out how he does not need a collabo with Chameleone but rather wants a music battle.

“I don’t need a music battle with Jose Chameleone. Me I want a music battle”, Clever J said.