Eddy Kenzo On Why Comedian Salvado Needs DNA For His Children

June 28, 2024

Awards winner and president of musicians under the federation Edirisa Musuuza also known as Eddy Kenzo has advised comedian Salvado to do DNA fir his children.

He said that the children are brown skinned and he is very dark skinned from a region with dark skinned people.

Salvado is a father of three children with his beautiful wife. He has very good looking kids although he usually jokes about it while doing comedy.

Two days ago, he was joking with Eddy Kenzo and he joked about his looks and that of his children. The singer said that the children don’t look like the comedian at all and he should be worried.

He said that DNA would bring to him answers that he needs to know about the children.

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“Salvado those children are brown skinned I would , advise you to do DNA test on them and find the truth,” Eddy Kenzo said jokingly.

It should be noted that Patrick Salvado has a very good looking brown woman. He usually says that if he didn’t have money the wife wouldn’t be with him.