Eddy Kenzo Finally Discovers His Biological Sister After 23-Years Of Tireless Searching

October 5, 2020

Big Talent Entertainment CEO, Eddy Kenzo has finally discovered her biological sister after 23-years apart.

The BET winner confirmed the good news through social media today evening.

When Kenzo’s mum died, they found themselves on the streets together with his other brother and a sister.

Because their sister was too young to hustle on the streets, they requested a certain woman in Katwe to take care of of her.

Unfortunately, she mistreated and another woman came to her rescue.

“I and my other brother handed our sister to some woman in Katwe as she was still very young and could not be on the streets with us. The woman we handed our sister also handed her to another woman,” Kenzo said.

When Kenzo bought a home in Seguku, he looked for her in vain until recently when he had returned back from Ivory Coast.

He received a phone call from someone who disclosed that they had located his sister.

Kenzo his brother and their sister

Kenzo was surprised that the sister had been living in Katwe, selling stuff by the roadside.

“I was buying things from her in Katwe not knowing she was my sister. I’m so happy,” he revealed.

Kenzo picked and rehabilitated her before finally confirming the news of their reunion on Monday 5th September 2020.