Dumped Grace Khan Opens War On Straka’s Ex, Sizza Man for Calling Her A Man

January 20, 2020

Singer, Grace Khan has opened war on Straka Baibe’s ex-lover, Sizza Man Diktionary for caling her a man!

Sizza Man who resides in London took to his Facebook page and posted a photo of  Muhamed Mutumba, the Imam of Kyampisi Mosque in Kayunga district with Richard Tumushabe, who he had married masquerading as a female and captioned “Mwana tu Nze no nabade manyi grace khan ? 🤷🏽‍♂️”.


Literally translated as “I thought this was Grace Khan”.

This has annoyed Khan who immediately attacked Sizza Man in comments.

Grace Khan’s response to Sizzaman

Grace Khan recently was dumped by Kojja Kitonsa and ran back to his wife.