Dr. Hamza Benefits From Quarantine, Allegedly Balloons Rema

April 18, 2020

Rumour coming in indicates that Rema Namakula is allegedly pregnant thanks to the lock down!

In 2019, Rema shocked Ugandans when she publicly announced she was done with Kenzo and decided to move in with Dr Hamza Sebunya.  This was confirmed with a colourful introduction ceremony that took place in Nabbingo, Masaka Road in November last year.

Since dumping Kenzo, Rema has been living a happy life and the chemistry between her and the hubby proves it.

Rema and Hamza both have kids from their past relationships but social media in-laws have been anxious to see them have their own and their request have been answered.

Inside source intimated to us that Rema could be 2 months pregnant and revealed that of late she changed her wardrobe, ditching fitting to large-sized clothes.

We have been told that Rema’s size has also increased remarkably and if all goes well the celebrity couple could welcome their budle of joy soon.

Nze nnazaalako era singa omuntu yenna aba lubuto nsobola bulungi okumutegeera, olaba, Rema afunye omubiri ate asukkiridde okuyoya ebintu eby’enjawulo, ekiraga nti ayinza okuba ali lubuto. Kale tannaba kulaba bulungi kuba ayagala nnyo engoye ennene wabula kirabika olubuto lwa myezi 2 oba 3 era bw’aba wakuzaala, alina kuzaala mu guno omwaka gwa 2020. Mwana gwe nkwesiga, toyogera erinnya lyange, Rema ayinza okunkyawa ne bba kuba ayagala okukola ebintu bye mu nkukutu,” An insider revealed.